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The Volvo Cars Heritage Blog is a forum where Volvo enthusiasts can follow the latest news within the field of heritage. Here you will find speedy updates with photos and video footage from the International Volvo meetings. Our ambition is also to keep you updated on the daily work on developing the Volvo car heritage. It may not be major breaking news but regular updates on how the work is proceeding and what services we can offer to you.

It is also a forum for you to use for comments and sharing experiences with us at Volvo Cars and all other Volvo enthusiasts.

Very welcome to join the Volvo Cars Heritage Blog. We really hope that you will find this new forum interesting. But it is also very much up to you and your comments to make it really come alive.

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24 Responses to “About Volvo Cars Heritage Blog”

  1. Volvo fan Says:

    Great photos and footage. Switzerland is fantastic. I really hope that we will se more reports from other meetings in the future.

    Volvo Fan from Belgium

  2. Reinhard Foerster Says:

    Hi, everybody!

    Don’t be sad: On your black postcard, which was also distributed last weekend in IVM 2009 Swiss Interlaken, a printing failure occured: under the URL of the BLOG “…heritage.worldpress.com” was printed.
    We all know, that it must be written: “…heritage.wordpress.com” = without the “L”.

    Hope your prints on the backside of your T-shirts dont have the same mistake?!?

    Keep on rolling / Volvere
    Yours Reinhard Foerster

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      We are aware of that but the shirts were correct, and apparently many people found blog without problems. //Claes Rydholm

  3. Volvo collector Says:

    Are there any P 1900 for sale in the world ?

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      Yes, right now there is one for sale in the Netherlands. Phone + 31 20 347 26 26 ( Volvo dealer)

  4. Reinhard Foerster Says:

    Hi, bloggers and webmasters!

    Have you ever thought about the possibility uploading an (one) image in this blog together with a comment?

    I know, there must be restrictions, eller hur! But that would be a nice add-on for all active users.

    Have a nice time, yours

    Reinhard Foerster, D-Zwingenberg

  5. Patrick in Lyon Says:

    Are their Volvo fans with cars at the Goodwood festival in the UK ?

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      I believe that there are some racing Volvos there, but Volvo Cars Heritage do not take part in any specific arrangement.

  6. Martin Says:

    Where is the biggest Volvo meeting in the world ?

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      Honestly, I don’t know. Please come forward with your suggestions.

  7. Mrs Amazon Says:

    Will there be a meeting next year in Interlaken as well ? I am planning to come with my Amazon from 1963.

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      No, next Swiss Volvo Meeting in Interlaken will be in 2011, but there will be a big meeting like this close to Hamburg next year. Watch out for information on the Heritage site.

  8. Bart, Holland Says:

    I like the reports from Switzerland, but I miss photos and films from the old Volvos before the war. Just saw one photo of the Carioca. More old Volvos please.

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      This was our first try. Just wait and there will be more in the future.

  9. Amazon fan in Norway Says:

    Which car was selected best in Show during the Interlaken meeting ?

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      There was no “best in show” chosen. All cars were equal. I however choised a couple of favourites. Whatch the video on the blog.

  10. The Saint Says:

    Nice film and photos. My favorite is the P 1800. I know a lot about this car. But I had never heard the story about the Aston Martin engine before.

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      Although it is official, this story is not so well known. It is a facinating car with performance to match the looks and the noice of the engine

  11. Sven from Sweden Says:

    Good film and pictures. But not much on 240 cars. I would like to see more about the 240 models.

  12. Steve Says:

    I want to buy a PV 544 from 1965 in mint condition. How much will it cost me in € and where will it be cheapest to buy ? Sweden ? Any expert that can give me some advices ?

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      The best thing to do is to get in touch with one of the PV clubs depending on where you live. They are found on the internet and they will advice what to buy and what to pay for it. And yes, Sweden is still the cheapest when it comes to buying a PV.

      Volvo Cars Heritage

  13. Reinhard Foerster Says:

    Hi, everybody!

    It has become a little quiet in this blog after the oldie-season has finished in the northern hemisphere.

    I wish you all a nice lovely christmas whereever you are and a lucky start in 2010.

    I hope we all will meet somewhere sometime on one of all the events still to come.

    And at least always one hot GLÖGG at hand!!

  14. Skruvat.se Bildelar Says:

    Great site!

    We are dealing with new and rare volvo parts. Unfortunatly we only sell the parts in Sweden so far, but we are planning to extend the market outside Sweden during 2010.


    Best regards,
    skruvat.se Volvo parts Sweden

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