Swiss Volvo Meeting gathered record crowd



The big Volvo meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland, gathered some 1000 cars and nearly 5000 visitors. Magnificent surroundings and fine weather were some major factors behind the success.


Volvo cars from not less than 10 European countries gathered in the Swiss town of Interlaken the last weekend of August. Beautifully located in the heart of Switzerland, between the lakes Brienzersee and Thunersee, Interlaken was the perfect choice for the Swiss Volvo Meeting. Well-known ski resorts like Wengen and Adelboden is located in the Alps surrounding the city. Some of the peaks reach more than 4000 meters.




No wonder that so many Volvo fans showed up. Cars came all the way from Germany, Belgium, France and Holland just to mention some countries. Inger and Martin Johansson made the longest journey all they way from Sweden. To attend the meeting they covered more that 3000 km in their Volvo PV 544 from 1964. Quite an achievement!




The Johansson couple and all other participants were rewarded for their efforts to come by fine weather and dwindling beautiful alp roads. Some cars travelled all the way up to peaks of more than 2000 m altitudes. No break-downs were reported which indicate that the owners keep their cars in top condition.




The Swiss Volvo meeting was concluded at the Interlaken Airport where some 1000 Volvo cars were parked in disciplined order by model. Many contacts between European Volvo fans were established. Ideas and advices were exchanged at the market and under the bonnets of the exhibited cars. Interested buyers could find everything from speedometers to complete tuning kits for racing and rally enthusiasts. The event was organized with Sweden as the main theme, with lots of blue end yellow flags and souvenir-elks uncountable different sizes and models. 


At the airfield the complete range of new Volvo cars was also exhibited and attracted a lot of attention.




The Swiss Volvo meeting is arranged every second years and this year’s edition was the first meeting in the series of International Volvo Meetings under the patronage of Volvo Cars Heritage. The next meeting will be arranged near Hamburg some time in August 2010 and hosted by the German Volvo club.


Please look out for more information on and under the headline Heritage News & Info.


4 Responses to “Swiss Volvo Meeting gathered record crowd”

  1. Roy Lee Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Owned 2 Volvos. Lasted 13 years each. One of the best on the North American Market.

    Continued success

    Roy Lee MA

  2. Christoph Says:

    Dear Claes

    What a dream job you have, taking care of Volvo’s heritage.


    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      Hello Christoph,
      Thanks for the kind words.Yes I am a very privileged person, being lucky enough to have my hobby as a job. One of the big things in this is of course to get in touch with all nice Volvo enthusiasts around the world, like yourself.
      Kind regards

  3. Gunnar Palsson Says:

    Jeg bor paa Island og er en Volvo atusiast, egare af 4 stykken Volvo bilar. En Amazon ´63 röd/hvid som jeg renoverte selv i 1996, en 142DL ´72 en 240 GL ´91 og en S70 ´00 Fine biler alle sammen. Jeg kann gott tenke mig være med paa næste möte og fölge med alle nyheter og “gamlheter” fra Volvocarsheitage.
    Hilsen fra Isand Gunnar

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