That’s it for this time my friends!

Reports from the Swiss Volvo Meeting (SVM)/IVM International Volvo Meeting in Interlaken



2 Responses to “That’s it for this time my friends!”

  1. Reinhard Foerster Says:

    Hi, Volvo-Fans!

    We, my wife and I, participated in the 1st International Volvo Metting and 10th Swiss Volvo Meeting 2009.

    It was a very nice meeting, mostly because of the people and the landscape.

    Organisation should have been better with some details: so do you want to dine in the evening with the whole sweat of the day in Ballenberg open air museum on your skin? No wonder that the jubilee-event ended abruptly when the bustransfer was ready.

    No hands-out of programme or anything else: even today it is sometimes necesaary to print some facts on paper. Only internet-based information cannot be the solution.

    By the way, all you cameramen: you did a fine job, but next time: less Claes, more impressions. Never mind.

    Take care not to let the next IVMs become too commercial.

    Good luck, I will have an eye on it in the future.

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      Points taken. This was however the first time we went ‘live’ and in order to put people into the picture, especially those not present, we had to present and personalize every piece. //Claes Rydholm

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