Christian Wyss, happy owner of a P1800

Reports from the Swiss Volvo Meeting (SVM)/IVM International Volvo Meeting in Interlaken


Christian Wyss from Frenkendorf near Basel in Switzerland is smiling when talking about his beautiful red Volvo P 1800 S from 1967:

I love this car and its design. The front of the car looks a bit Italian while the design of the rear could be inspired from US cars at the time. A very happy marriage and a car that looks great even today more that 40 years after it left the factory, says Christian

Christian is only the second owner of the car which has more than 350 000 km on the clock. He bought the car in 1990 and since the he has put years of effort to make a complete renovation of the car which today is in top condition.


It is amazing, but I bought the car from a farmer ho used it for towing a horse trailer. When the farmer had a second horse the car became to small and the farmer bought himself a Jeep. I was able to buy his P 1800 which at that time was not in the best condition.

Christian has made several long trips with his P 1800 and they have been to both Italy in the south and Sweden in the north. No sweat for the P 1800 who easily travel in 170 km/h on the German highways.


I drive my P 1800 frequently , but for the daily commuting I have a Volvo 850 T 5 from 94. I have also C 70 cabriolet from 1999, so you can understand that I am a real Volvo fan.

Christans keeps his P 1800 in perfect shape and he is not afraid of pushing the engine. In a trip up one of the Alp roads near Interlaken he is up on nearly 6000 rpm’s and I hear a potent roaring from the engine.


No problem. I just see to have the best possible petrol and according to  me there is a lot of difference between different brands. Also I always change oil and filter every year. By that I am sure that my engine will last for long, concludes Christian Wyss.


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