Impressions from the rally

Reports from the Swiss Volvo Meeting (SVM)/IVM International Volvo Meeting in Interlaken




Nearly 200 classic Volvo cars from 10 different countries participated in the rally in the surrounding Alps of Interlaken. Magnificent scenery and good weather conditions made it a perfect rally. All partipicants seemed to fully enjoy the day and all made it back to the Interlaken air-port were all cars were gathered for the start in the morning. Some statements from participating drivers: 


I am really happy that I took part in this event. Fantastic scenery and splendid roads!

says Marc Mergern from Luxembourg 


The landscape is a dream. Interesting and ever changing roads. Up in the mountains back to to the lakes. Perfect choice of road-book. I really enjoyed myself behind the steering wheel.

says Helmuth Bertrand, who came all the way from Minden in northern Germany in his Volvo 244 from 1972.



3 Responses to “Impressions from the rally”

  1. Reinhard Foerster Says:

    Hi, Volvo-Fans!

    We, my wife and I, drove the Emmental-Rallye on saturday with our Volvo PV444HS from 1954. After a superb lunch at the Schallenberg-Pass-“Beizli” (1100 meters above sea-level, not sooo much high), we decided to lengthen the rallye-course because of the nice landscape and the brilliant weather and continued forward to Entlebuch and finally Luzern beside the Vierwaldstätter-See. Then we returned via Sarnen and stopped in Brienz in the late afternoon, were we chilled out on a cosy lakeview-terrasse with a glas of Féchy-wine.

    We are proud that our 55 year old Volvo and its engine with 44 hp, almost unrestaured and with its own timelike patina, made this journey (900 km to and fro, additional ca. 240 rallyekilometres) without any failure or damage. The Swiss public seemed to be delighted to see this car on their public roads and we had to answer a lot of questions, whereever we made a stop.

    • Volvo Cars Heritage Says:

      Hi Reinhard!
      We all had a great day out. I had the pleasure to drive a 122S from 1964 together with a Swiss co-driver, Ms Bettina Kämpfer. Old Volvos perform very well on twisting roads, going both uphill and downhill. //Claes Rydholm

  2. Andrea Elsohn Says:

    Dear All,

    Unfortunately my partner and I could join the meeting on Saturday only, but it was definitely worth to come! We have enjoyed the atmosphere, the variety of the Volvo cars to look at and also the Rallye (B).

    My true Volvo 240 Classic (1991) made its 260’000th km during this Rallye – simply great and I hope it will achieve many more so that we can take part again at the next Volvo meeting taking place in Switzerland.

    To all of you: Have a good trip everywhere and anytime and

    with best regards,

    Andrea D. Elsohn, Küsnacht ZH/Switzerland

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