A day in Ballenberg

Reports from the Swiss Volvo Meeting (SVM)/IVM International Volvo Meeting in Interlaken



Ballenberg Open Air Museum

Ballenberg Open Air Museum


Friday was a no-car-but-still-fun day. The main event was a visit to the Open Air Museum in Ballenberg,which is   
a typical swiss tourist attraction in the most beautiful   
surroundings.  No dusty showcases but about 100 rural houses and   
utility buildings from practically all regions of Switzerland. There   
was a danger of the buildings being pulled down on their orginal sites   
and destroyed. Re-erected here, they serve as an architectural and   
social-historical witnesses of every day life and rural culture of   
past times. The buildings are presented within an area encompassing 66   
hectares and are arranged in regional groups. Each structure was   
carefully dismantled at its original location and re-erected at the   
Ballenberg Open Air Museum. Kitchens , chambers and parlours give an   
insight into rural everyday life of yesterday. The picture is   
completed by farmhouse gardens in historical patterns, as well as   
fields meadows and pastures. Over 250 farm animals play an important   
role in bringing Ballenberg to life.


Some impressions from the visit at Ballenberg Open Air Museum;


Very nice dinner and an opportunity to meet the people from from the   
last meeting. You alos make a lot of new friends and the atmosphere is   
really good.

says Steve Lux, Luxembourg


Good organization and nice weather. Perhaps a bit to hot.

says Romain, Lahier, Luxembourg

I really enjoyed the Ballenberg Open Air museum. Lots of nice old   
houses and fantastic surrounding. Perfect light and very tasty lunch.
says Guy Flohner, Luxembourg 



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