VROM! Pictures & Story

Volvo Rendezvous for Owners and Members – VROM – was held on Saturday August 8th. This big meeting for Volvo enthusiasts started in 1987 and is run every year the second weekend in August. The meeting was like previous years held at Arendal, close to Volvo Museum and not far from Volvo Cars headquarters.

As usual there was full stage programme to see and enjoy. Speaker Claes Jaurelius had a busy day at the stage presenting both people and cars, representing most of the Volvo history and with extra focus on some anniversaries:

– 50th anniversary of the three-pont safety belt. This was illustrated with the help of a black PV544, a seat/belt display and an interview with Hugo Mellander who worked as safety engineer together with Nils Bohlin – the man who invented the three-point belt –  at Volvo for many years.

– 60th anniversary of the PV445, the light delivery chassis which preceeded the Volvo Duett. A very nice little pickup with Klippan body from 1954 was presented at the stage along with its owner Christer Angsman.

– 80th anniversary of the sixcylinder Volvo engines. These were symbolized by the sidevalve unit in a PV52 from the late 1930s and the legendary B30 fitted to a beautiful 1974 Volvo 164E.

– The prize-giving ceremony for the nicest club cars. These were selected by the different Swedish Volvo clubs themselves and consisted of for example a Norweigan-registered PV60, a red 142 low-miler in original condition, a PV544 limousine; a home-made 5,5 metre beauty with a very proud owner/builder and a very nice duotone red/white Amazon.

This PV544 Limousine was selected “Nicest car” by the PV club. Bulit by a young gentleman from the south of Sweden, the work was carried out in only four months using two 544s as donor cars.

– The Dalbo company showed some  examples of what can be achieved with a new Volvo, a little fantasy and a lot of skill. They specialize in custom-built Volvos like pickups and vans. They were followed by information about the latest low-emitting Volvo DRIVe-models which are now availabe in all sizes with very low CO2-emissions in common.

– A special tribute was paid to Gunnar Andersson, the ex-works Volvo rally driver who passed away in June aged 82. With a red PV544, complete with 5.5” wheels and other “go faster” options, a short summary of Andersson fabulous career was given to the audience.

Thanks to the lovely weather some 1000 vistitors turned up to enjoy all the beautiful Volvos that had gathered on the area. Almost 400 of them turned up, representing most Volvo models from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and upto the present day. The fact that VROM is a truly international event was once again proven by foreign visitors from some ten countries, this year also including Greece. The car with longest driving distance came from Marseille in France, which is appr 2500 km away from Gothenburg. Talk about enthusiasts.

As usual there was a lot of market stalls offering Volvo spares and parts, service literature, sales brochures, parts catalogues and everything else that every Volvo fan is on the lookout for and need. More than 50 sellers could offer almost everything from complete cars down to washers.

The day closed with thanking all who came to enjoy a nice sunny Saturday in the open in the company of Volvo, new and old – and that eveybody is welcome back the same time next year.

A brief information was also given about IVM – International Volvo Meeting – which can be described as VROM International. For the first time VROM/IVM together with a club outside Sweden will run a full three-day activity this summer in the true VROM spirit and manner. The event is called Swiss Volvo Meeting and is held at Interlaken, near Bern, in Switzerland August 28-30.



One Response to “VROM! Pictures & Story”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Looks like an exciting weekend. Can’t wait to see the pictures from the Swiss meeting. Unfortunately I can’t be there myself 😦

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